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  • Winch Electric Engine
  • Winch Electric Engine

  • Description:
  • Product Description:
    Winch have load 1.6 Ton    
    Electric Engine: 7.5 KW - 380V
    Hydraulic brake: YWZ200/25
    Pulling speed: 22m/minute
    Cable length:100m

    Winch have load 1 Ton    
    Electric Engine:
    5.5 KW – 380V
    Hydraulic brake: YWZ150/25
    Pulling speed: 22m/minute
    Cable length:100m

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  • Description
  • Specification

The JK0.5 construction windlass produced by our corporation is a type of hoisting machinery with a high universality.

With the advantages of simplicity in structure, convenience in use, safe, reliable and efficient,

this windlass can be widely applied at construction sites, ports,metallurgy, mine etc, which is used for lifting heavy objects,

or used as the traction power in the installation project for factories and mine corporation.

It can not only be used independently, but also be combined with pulley or derrick into temporary equipment.

Also, the windlass can be used as corollary equipment for the modern electrical controlled line.

JK0.5 construction windlasses are composed of base, motor, elastic coupling, hydraulic brake,

enclosed triple-reduction (quadruple for type JM16 and above) gear box,reel and brackets with electrical control cabinet.

When the motor starts, the elastic coupling drives the reduction gear box, then of which the output shaft drives the revolution of reel.

All the motors are the Y-series products adopting the national standard (GB).

The work or brake of the reel relies on the hydraulic brake.

The brake and motor works synchronously, therefore when the power is cut off, the reel is braked simultaneously, of which the process is fast, sensitive, safe and reliable.

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