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Anemometer Wind Speed Meter

Home » Products » Tower crane - Parts » Anemometer Wind Speed Meter

  • TXFS-4 type anemometer
  • TXFS-4 type anemometer

  • Description:
  • The wind instrument with advanced technology, high measuring precision, large data capacity, remote distance, friendly interface, high reliability,

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  • Description

TXFS-4 type anemometer is used to measure the instantaneous wind speed and direction and the average wind speed and direction, has a display, automatic alarm, real-time clock, overrun and data communication etc.. Wind instrument is composed of a speed sensor TX-FS and TX-FX wind sensor, TX meteorological data acquisition instrument, computer meteorological software three parts. Wind speed sensor wind cup with ABS plastic materials, high strength, good start, with the measurement standard of National Meteorological; TX meteorological data acquisition instrument to collect and record the wind measuring data, using Chinese characters LCD data display, man-machine interface is friendly, has set the parameters of power fail protection and wind historical data power-off protection function, high reliability. Between the TX meteorological data acquisition instrument and computer communication mode has 2 ways of cable and GPRS wireless communication, using GPRS wireless communication mode can be used TX1000 the GPRS wireless data communication terminal.

The wind speed, wind direction sensor, sensor
Communication mode
- Cable: RS232, RS485, USB, GPRS wireless: wireless communication optional
The way of power supply
1, electricity 220V
2, the solar power system
A combination of other optional
- 2 meters mounting bracket - acquisition instrument box protection recommended configuration
With support and solar power supply configuration installation diagram (Note: below is the anemometer +2.5 meter bracket + louver + solar powered)

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