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Tower crane - Parts

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  • Tower Crane Cab
  • Tower Crane Cab

  • Description:
  • Advantages of Crane Cabs / Operator Cabins for Tower Crane :
    Ergonomic design
    Dependable safety device
    Comfortable operating environment offers a broad view.
    Advanced welding and manufacturing process
    Smooth,eye-appealingg exterior

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  • Description
  • Specification


 Cabins in over head travelling cranes are developed by us on the basis of the human engineering principle. They have well safety and protection devices, comfortable operating environment, and an uncrowded view. Using the advanced welding and manufacture technics, the appearances of the cabins are flat and clean. All the doors and windows are well sealed and shockproof.

• The cabin is made of the cold rolled steel plates by welding, and the steel plates are processing by the numerically controlled machine tool. The appearance is smooth and the structure is intensity enough. 
• The windows glasses are 5mm toughened glasses. The transparency is higher than 80%. There is a bottom window in the cabin. 
• The floor’s walking surface is covered with insulating rubber matting with non-skid walking surface. The floor is 3mm removable type steel plates. And the connector of the control wire has been preventing fraying treated.


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