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Risk analysis and prevention of construction lift emergency events


In order to ensure the normal construction to prevent emergencies, and some unexpected, irresistible event occurs, prior preparation, emergency supplies of adequate technical measures reserves, minimizing casualties, State property and economic losses, risk analysis must be carried out and to take effective preventive measures.

1, emergencies, emergency and risk analysis

According to the characteristics of the project, in the construction of identification, analysis and evaluation of risk factors and on the basis of risk, identify major risk factor of the project is the lift overturning, body combat, high falling, electric shock, fire, etc. Site has taken various preventive measures of machine and electricity management, security management based on the lift overturning contingency plans need to be developed, as follows: suppose the elevator collapsed when tilting the basis a hypothetical elevator failures of the torque limit, lift drivers disobeying overloading may cause the lift tipping.

2, emergencies and precautionary measures

From the above analysis of the risk, if no effective preventive measures should be taken, not only to the construction impact, but also poses a threat to the safety of construction workers.

Construction elevator installation, demolition and safety technical requirements:

A. Foundation of construction elevator, must be carried out strictly in accordance with the drawings and specifications. Construction hoist installation, Foundation inspection, meets those requirements, before the construction elevator installation.

B. erection and removal operations, must seriously look into the operational programmes, and in strict accordance with the erection of the program Division of responsibility, unity of command.

C. installation lift must guarantee the stability of various States during the installation, you must use the special bolts, are not free to substitute.

D. construction elevator with wall arrangement and spacing of bars shall comply with the provisions of the manual. When the fuselage and the horizontal distance is greater than the specification of buildings, was fulfilled is attached to poles of stability, or re-design, fabrication, and confirmed by the technical departments, the competent Department. In the construction elevator to demolition to allow before the height of the cantilever, demolished wall Rod parts is strictly prohibited.

G. in order to prevent accidents, construction elevator must be installed by a qualified team of professionals and the demolition, construction elevator driver must be certified, after installation is completed by the technical supervision of special equipment safety testing centers or the Building Authority safety supervision inspection qualified before put into use.

H. drivers of construction elevator operations, must operate according to the rules, no illegal operations, strictly enforced, operation must have security technical disclosure records and perform sign extension.

J. construction of elevator installation, jacking, dismantling must compile construction project, after approval by the Chief Engineer to follow.

K. all shelves must be certified, wear personal protective equipment at work, strictly according to the construction plan, do the work of construction lift point grappling to prevent collapse.

L. construction elevator after the installation is completed, must be approved by the technical supervision of special equipment safety testing centers or the Building Authority Elevator Testing Center upon the acceptance of, and may be put into use.

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